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Grandmothers Song

Grandmothers song..Inspired and written by Ms. Tonya as she held her Grandson KaneKoa by the firelight in the shadows of the Tipi magik..

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Universe Song (published by True Blue Spirit mag. & Sedona-2014)

Universe Song

“I wandered through the forest once, looking for myself. The trees found me. They took me under their boughs and within their hearts.They held me close and taught me patience, compassion, gratitude. This is their story.I climbed to the top of the mountains looking for my heart, the wind found me. He wrapped himself around me and through me, staring deep into my core. He taught me passion and rapture and how to sing with my soul. This is his story. I was lost in a fog once, Raven called and I was found. This is his Story... for we are the Oneness...” Tonya

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Tree Spirit (shared in the Cloveradale reporter feb.26/15)

......I sat in her peace, and melted into stillness as she embraced me, encircling me with her life giving force. I felt my soul sink into the Spirit of the forest as we shared. This is what was said: We are all a mirror of each other. The love I was feeling was my love, being mirrored back to me.

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