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Entry Date Posted on - Sep 13 - 2015 by Jinshei

Grandmothers Song

Grandmother’s Song

Little Grandson sits at the Fire, watching it curl into the night sky through the opening above, listening to Grandmother’s soft rattle and hum as she singing. She is singing of long ago when the village was on top of the ridge and the children danced along the forests edge weaving in and out of tall pines.

Tonight he lay in his Grandmothers tipi on Sliammon lands close to Mother Earth’s warmth.He can hear mother earth’s story as it vibrates through the oceans of rythm, extending into his future and deep into his past. He knows he is connected and surrounded by Love.

In her song he can hear the story of a young crow girl on the edge of coming of age.

Young crow girl’s dreams were alight with Raven’s song at daybreak and her walks were alive under Night’s moonglow. Her movements were thoughtful, yet assured, like the quick of her smile. Her hair trailed long behind, like her pony’s mane. She shined like the summer sun, deep tanned and brilliant.

Grandma’s voice, one with Earth Mother’s heartbeat, is chanting of a time when you could hear the call of Wind and feel his strength pull your spirit right out of your body!

As a child, young crow girl would soar up, up into the great expanse above with the Wind. Grinning, she could feel her soul round and warm with love. This love was far greater than any she’d experienced before! Crow girl’s heart was so large, that it overflowed with this love light, breathing it out when she returned to earth.

Alas, upon her return each time, her earth ‘Grownup’ people were so lost in business of day to day living that they forgot to open their hearts wide enough or long enough to receive this love the love of her Open heart. ..............So she shared it with the tree people, the sage people, the horse nation, and the spirits along the rivers and creek’s edge.

She called out to the Coyotes at night and linked with their hearts as they sang to Sister Moon and the starry ink of nightfall. She hummed to Mother Earth. She chanted to Father Sky. Her love spilled out to the crickets as they clickity clacked, clickity clacked under summer’s heat.

The Snake People could even feel her warmth, basking in her glow. Often they would visit. She would always have a dream the night before a visit, telling her where they would be, so they would not alarm her family. She loved all and they knew this.

This young Crow girl grew and grew....One day her voice became silent, her soaring with the Wind ceased and her heart stopped flowing. She had become busy with the day to day activities of living in a big city. She had transformed to ‘Grownup’ people. The home on top of the Ridge was long gone as were her days of running in and out of pine trees.

Yet the coyotes still sang for her, her creek people still wailed for her, Crow nation still called to her, and Wind always held his love for her. The River never stopped flowing and the Sun never stopped glowing. Snake people knew their story would be told. And Earth Mother waited....

Grandmother now drops her voice to a hushed tone, softly humming. Wind has now joined in the circle. Little Grandson begins to croon along, all voices picking up her song, singing together in melody, a Creations’ melody; graceful dance of heart and knowing sacredness. The Star Children chime and the Crickets hum. They all know her song is theirs and they honour her in the sharing. They are her witnesses and her family.The trees dance in rhythmical bliss. All together they sing the Chorus for one last moment......revelling in its sweetness.

Because you see, the young crow girl who transformed to a ‘Grownup’ heard the Wind one day. Following her feet to the highest perch of a mountain covered in the Sage, she called out to him with her heart. With her back leaning against a pine tree she stared out and across the valley down below. She could see far and wide, yet still wanted to climb higher. And wind answered. He grabbed her close wrapping her in a robe of warmth, and up, up they sailed, far into the great expanse above. She looked down and could catch sight of her long hair tossing across her lips, snow crystals padded softly upon her nose. Her tears ran like rivers down her sun warmed cheeks. Crow woman smiled.

Right there, her heart cracked so far open that it ached and spilled over into her throat, freeing the song that was stuck there so long.....The Snow people heard and the Sun warmed her soul and wind dropped her gently to Earth. She remembered who she was. Her song rolled forward into the heavens and down to the inner depths. Her voice called the Ancestors forwards into the circle, among them was Little Grandson.....Her peaceful warrior. His eyes smiled with knowing that day, as he danced in the sacred circle alongside her.

Grandmother hugs Little Grandson, now fast asleep; fire smoke slowly trailing up and out the tipi flaps. All Spirits and All Relations cradle them in love.