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Entry Date Posted on - Mar 16 - 2015 by Jinshei

Universe Song (published by True Blue Spirit mag. & Sedona-2014)

Universe Song

“I wandered through the forest once, looking for myself. The trees found me. They took me under their boughs and within their hearts.They held me close and taught me patience, compassion, gratitude. This is their story.I climbed to the top of the mountains looking for my heart, the wind found me. He wrapped himself around me and through me, staring deep into my core. He taught me passion and rapture and how to sing with my soul. This is his story. I was lost in a fog once, Raven called and I was found. This is his Story... for we are the Oneness...” Tonya

As I sit here writing, fingers to keyboard, I hear my dog, Sugar, barking. Outside the rain falls dropping its patterned rhythmic popping and splashes to the earth below. Beyond my Sugar dog, I pick up Frog, his croaks sing to world outside, cleaning the energies of Suburbia. He brings with it, his crystal clear liquid song of healing energy and light, a song of Real. Each croak brings me home; each croak reminds me I am not alone. All earth is alive and vibrant under the cement, under the floored walls of the home in which I sit.

My inner vision wanders.

“What is the croak of the frog? What is in their song and what is it they teach?” I ask myself. These are the questions of a woman who misses her mountain people, her sage brown valley and her rolling gusts of wind... but listen; I shall share with you what I feel in the depths of my deepest root.

Frog reminds us that to sing is an important part of being in this body. Sing for any reason. The reason does not matter; there need be no occasion, no earmarked celebratory holiday. Just sing because you breathe, sing because the sun is still there hiding behind the rain clouds. The Sun can hear you; he knows when you send your voice up to the heavens above. Your voice channels the melodic vibrations within you, carrying your heart, your essence along within the whispers of sound waves.Your waves crash upon the shores of the “upper world” or they may gently roll in like autumn thunderclaps. If there is nothing else you take from this sharing but one thing: then know this, your songs will be heard!Your song is your heart, your prayer!

Your voice, your very essence shall reach downwards to the core of Mother, our Earth Woman below. Listen carefully within your heart and as you sing and you’ll begin to feel a pulsation from below. It shall rise up through your core, for you are one with the pulse Mother Earth. Your core is the reflection of her, connected to the molten lava below; Connected to the underworld of Ancient Ones.Here in this place, your past, your future and your now all converge as one.

As you sing the energy fills you entirely. It vibrates and hums at the same frequency as Mother, the same frequency as Father. The above and the below meet within you; You are Centre, you are the Universe.There is a saying, “As above, so below”. Frog teaches us, “As within, so without”. Sing as Frog does, for sheer pleasure, for pure joy. Sing to the Old Ones; sing to the New Ones not yet here. Your song is your “Gratitude Call” that you are Alive, you are here and you matter!

Frog teaches us that we bond with our Ancestral Beings through song. They come through the call of your heart and they come to your side. She teaches us that within your central essence, is where all beings meet. This is where communion takes place, the peace is found and the healing happens. Thank you to Frog medicine we begin to understand that our song is the vehicle to a non-linear, timeless place of healing. Within this place, images flash past; Shapes appear from the mists. As they appear, journey with them awhile and accept the gifts they offer you; walk the path stretched out before you. Visitors may call. To you they may be perceived as past memories or future people or events. Remember, in this realm, there is no forwards or backwards. There is no up and no down. You’re within all space, you’re within all Universe. Yours, hers, his; what does it matter Whose universe it is? Frog shares, “It is Older than Past, older than Future, and Newer than this very moment of breath”.

Come back now; Come back to the pattering of ``Rain Song ``outside and ``Wind Whispers `` caressing the silence of a lazy deep morning. Come back to this place of ``Now Moment`` where everything converges in the seemingly mundane; Where cement covers our Earth Mother like a plastic lead blanket on an already too hot day. Here in this place where the smoke from cars and honks of passing motorists leave their energy signature of frustration, evaporating on the still air. Arriving here in Suburbia, we land, where the dead wooden posts, from once proud trees, stand rooted to the ground holding strangles of a mechanical spider web.

Stop! Breathe in. Breathe out. No, all the way out. There. That`s better. Now, is this truly mundane? Look past all that. Frog invites us outside, No begs us to walk out in the outside world, with shoes off in the storm. Her song has begun again. Croaking four times, Four Calls, 4 Directions.

Look deeper now. Look to the `prayer` tree as she stretches out high into the wide expanse above. Her roots plunge deep into the fresh dirt below. She connects with the hum that is alive within the dirt where the creepy crawlies are singing and dancing and feeding. The hum travels straight up her trunk and outwards through her delicate green fingers, out to Seagull that soars by with gathering speed. Swooping, look there and see the riders, see our ancestors upon horses and dragons and eagles of stormy pregnant clouds. They send you a kiss and a loving robe for which to cover yourself with.

Look at the Red Geraniums still blooming and Lavender Sister still smiling. She breathes in unison with the droplets of rain falling upon her gentle perfumed strands. Standing in guard above her, Mother Cedar sways in tune with Brother Wind as he dances, holding her boughs.See there, look to the `Waterfall ` tree, there`s a single strand of Mother Spider`s Web so delicate and barely detectable to the naked eye. It connects the Waterfall Tree to the Prayer tree; well over 2 metres away. The wind pulls and tugs at the leaf to which it is attached. The web strand extends high across the entry path to my home. A bridge or a gateway of some sort. ``Oh my!`` I breathe in. ``Here it is! The bridge from the Mundane to the Universe! Here is the song. Here is Frog Nation and Mother Spiders Gifts to me and to you for today! ``

Frog has been watching over me the entire time I have sat there typing, fingers to keyboard, shoulders hunched over. Frog was witnessing as I took a break and walked my dear dog Sugar to the nearby pond; Listening, as I called four times to the four directions with my song. Laughing along with ducks as she heard my call answered. Frog is still watching as I sigh and stretch my legs, rolling my shoulders to ease my aching neck muscles.With smile upon my lips, until next time, stay cool! And find your Universe Song. It will help you bridge the gap to come back home. The Universe is the real deal; it is the mundane that is “the make believe”.          -Tonya McLaughlin